What Makes SCUPAD Great?

This post was first written by our then vice president Ivan Stanic. We repost it here to give you an idea what is great about SCUPAD and how it differs from other meetings of planning and development experts:

There might be larger and more prestigious planning associations, but … how often can one participate in multi-national, trans-generational and inter-disciplinary discussions with young as well as experienced professionals covering the wide range of fields planners and development experts?
Once a year at the annual SCUPAD Congresses.

Does a property developer willingly sit at the same table with a published academic, community activist, planning consultant, public official, young professional or even student to discuss pending planning issues, whether closer to global concerns or simple, yet complex real practical situations?
At SCUPAD Congresses always!

Obtaining first-hand presentations on planning and development issues worldwide, as well as responses from the actual person involved with either their preparation, decision-making or implementation reinforces respect for perseverance and commitment of the individual person – the planning professionals working as a consultant, public official, elected person or teacher or the team: the player driving the development or planning process.
SCUPAD provides those presentations.

It is always amazing to hear concerns that could easily be uttered by oneself, from the lips of a person living and working halfway around the world, a person coming from a different territory, planning culture, societal development condition or general experience: The questions sound the same, yet their understanding varies, as can be seen from successes on similar issues resolved by private planners or adequate governmental responses, but even learning that successful procedures used in one place can often lead to the opposite end result elsewhere.
SCUPAD discussions widen your understanding.

Of course, the pre-condition for any successful organisation that strives for better planning, empathy in development and good will is the open-mindedness of its members and desire to regularly think and rethink one‘s professional positions in our ever-changing world.
SCUPAD opens your mind.

Meeting annually in an almost iconic, globally revered place provides the necessary setting for self-comtemplation, while the Alpine backdrop induces a specific humbleness and modesty, which can erase the boundaries conditioned by social standing, professional dogmas or cultural and historical blinders one carries intentionally or unknowingly in one‘s mind.
Schloss Leopoldskron provides this for SCUPAD!

Since 1966 SCUPAD has organized congresses dealing with contemporary planning and development issues, which were attended by planners from every continent. Recently, with better promotion policies, the obtained know-ledge has become available to all individuals that desire more ethics, empathy and exchange of ideas in planning through the publication of congress materials
… available on the SCUPAD Website.



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