Andreas Schulze Bäing

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Andreas Schulze Bäing studied Raumplanung/Spatial Planning at the University of Dortmund/Germany, graduating in 2001 (Dipl.-Ing.) with a diploma thesis about reurbanization and the future of work in the compact city ( Following this he worked from 2001 to 2003 at the Institute of Spatial Planning on a research project about the long-term future of the Ruhrgebiet called Städteregion Ruhr 2030 ( This included themes such as spatial analysis, regional governance and inter-municipal cooperation. In 2003 he moved to Liverpool/UK to work on a PhD project at the Department of Civic Design investigating the evidence base for rural-urban relationships. In parallel to the PhD work he also participated in other planning-related research projects.

Andreas contributed to a study for the Royal Town Planning Institute developing an evidence base for national spatial planning ( and he participated in the international ideas competition “shrinking cities”.

After finishing the PhD he joined the Centre for Urban Policy Studies at the University of Manchester as a post-doctoral research fellow in November 2007 for a research project in collaboration with English Partnerships. This project aimed at investigating the links between social change and change in urban environments, primarily investigating the socio-economic impact of strategic brownfield reuse for housing.

More recently Andreas has worked on a report for the UK Housing and Neighbourhood Monitor (, contributed to a project on the geography of housing market areas in England ( and a project about designing out crime in housing planning. Andreas is a member of the Town and Country Planning Association.