Dr. Gisela Wachinger


Dr. Gisela Wachinger received a PhD from Ludwig-Maxmillian University in Molecular Virology. She has since branched out into interdisciplinary research which examined a host of social, environmental and health issues. In addition to her biological background, she has certification in facilitation and mediation from the DGMV (German Society for Business Mediation) and the BMEV (Federal Mediation Registered Association). Her research focuses on using expert knowledge and the engagement of stakeholders and lay-persons in solving conflicts and informing decision making. She is currently the co-ordinator and instructor for a new Masters’ program at the University of Stuttgart in Urban Planning and Citizen Participation. She is also a researcher in DIALOGIK – a non-profit institute for communication and co-operation research, which has worked on a range of topics including planning, health care and environmental and risk management issues.