May 11 – 14, 1990
32 participants from 12 countries (10 participants from outside Europe)


• “Opening Address”,
Jerzy Ragulski, Under Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Warsaw, Poland
• “Management and Urban Identity: general considerations and their practical application in the case of Granary Island in Gdansk (Poland)”,
Henri Goverde, The Netherlands
• “Political and Social Themes”,
Adam Mazor, Professor of Planning at the Technion, Haifa; Director of the Institute of Urban Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel
• “Cultural and Historical Themes”,
Shami Assif, Architect, City Engineer, Tel Aviv, Israel
• “Some thoughts about the necessity of a new and stronger self-conceit of cities – The need of a cultural city-renewal”,
Hartmut Arras, Switzerland
• “Case Study Yemen”,
Joachim Siefert, Urban Planner, Department of Housing, City of Düsseldorf, Germany
• “Case Study Zürich”,
Frohmut Gerheuser, Sociologist, Policy Consultant, Brugg, Switzerland
• “Physical and Functional Themes”,
Peter Zlonicky, Professor of Urban Planning, University of Dortmund, Germany
• “Case Study Warsaw”,
Hendryk Drzewiecki, Architect and Senior Lecturer, Technical University of Warsaw, Poland
• “Case Study Arnhem”,
Leo van der Meer, Regional Planner, Province of Gelderland, Arnhem, The Netherlands

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