May 23 – 26, 1986

26 participants from 13 countries (1 participant from outside Europe)


  • “Towards a Theory of Strategic Planning”,
    Andreas Faludi, Professor at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning and Demography, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • “Research and Strategic Planning: Research Planning related to Physical Planning Policy”,
    Dick van Alphen, Secretary of the Netherlands Institute for Planning Research, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • “Strategic Planning in Poland”,
    Adam Kowalewski, Former Director of the Warsaw Planning Development Office, Poland
  • “Strategic Planning at the Regional and Local Level: Polish Recent Experiences on the Example of Greater Cracow”,
    Zbigniew Zuziak, Director of the Department of Architecture and Planning of the City of Cracow, Poland
  • “Looking for Open Plans as an Instrument independant of Time of Realisation: Cracow-Wielliczka Case Studie”,
    Andrzej Wyzykowski, Institute of Urban Design and Physical Planning, Technical University of Cracow, Poland
  • “Open Planning – Observations on New Forms of Urban Renewal”,
    Lüder Bach, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Why – What – How on Strategic Planning on the Local Level – “Case Study Drammen, Norway”,
    Halina Dunin -Woyseth, Architect in the Oslo School of Architecture, Norway
  • “The Future of Strategic Regional Planning in Spain”,
    Enrique Calderon, Professor of Planning, University of Madrid, Spain

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