May 14 – 17, 2015

We hope you will join us for our 50th Anniversary Congress where we will explore SPATIAL JUSTICE and GOVERNANCE as instruments that enable ACTION to improve our cities and regions. SPATIAL JUSTICE refers to the promotion of access to public goods, basic services, culture, economic opportunity and healthy environments through fair and inclusive spatial planning and management of urban and rural spaces and resources. This is crucial in order to promote more equitable and fair societies and to promote the full realization of human potential. As we look to the next 50 years of SCUPAD’s contributions to our understanding of human settlements, we hope for an energetic discussion of SPATIAL JUSTICE AS A RIGHT FOR ALL. We want to help advance examples of sustainable governance, fair redistribution of resources and spatial benefits and opportunities wherever we live.

Please join us as we look forward to getting together and imagining how our unique roles as planners, just planners, can catalyse tangible change.