May 23 – 26, 1974

21 participants from 9 countries (1 participant from outside Europe)


  • “The regional development plan for Baden-Wuerttemberg with a special consideration of the Stuttgart area”,
    Hans-Jürgen Krohn, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “A master plan for Utrecht and citizens participation”,
    Wil de Vries, The Netherlands
  • “Urban policies and development for the metropolitan area of Mexico City”,
    Carlos Gonzalez Espinosa, Mexico
  • “Attempt to interpret some selected experiences in Munich”,
    Gerhard Hofmann / Gerhard Meighörner, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Basic data of Vienna”,
    Rainer Mayerhofer / Harald Werner, Austria
  • “Transport planning in the Paris region: a justification of conflicts of interests?”,
    Jean Pierre Diehl, France
  • “Metropolitan planning experiences: the case of Greater Bangkok”,
    Klaus Kunzmann, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Evaluation of recent trends in metropolitan planning in Hungary”,
    Vidor, Hungary
  • “The Berlin planning system: some new experiences in comprehensive metropolitan planning”,
    Henning Schran, Federal Republic of Germany