April 28 – May 1, 1972

45 participants from 12 countries (1 participant from outside Europe)


  • “Some methodological problems in planning”,
    Mike Sylvester,
  • “Simple population forcast as applied for the city of Vienna”,
    Chris Brozek, USA
  • “Evaluation of human needs”,
    Gerhard Meighörner, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Draft regional plan for central Groningen”,
    Max van den Berg, The Netherlands
  • “Some social influences and dilemmas in planning”,
    Zorislav Perkovic, Yugoslavia
  • “A program for planning theory”,
    Andreas Faludi, United Kingdom
  • “Urban renewal: not only a question of limited areas, but an alternative for future development”,
    Rainer Mayerhofer, Austria
  • “Environmental planning in Sweden”,
    Lars Emmelin, Sweden
  • “Peoples priorities and planners practice”,
    Arne Dolven, Norway
  • “Societal feed back disentangled: some comments on statewide information systems and statewide planning in the Federal Republic of Germany”,
    Gerhard Fehl, Federal Republic of Germany