May 6 – 9, 1988

37 participants from 14 countries (3 participants from outside Europe)


“Administrative Structures”, Elly Boomsma, Director of Housing, City of The Hague, The Netherlands

“Planning Methodology: Some Aspects of its Evolution”, Patrick Braniff, Dept. of Architecture and Planning, Queens University of Belfast, United Kingdom

“Presentation on Physical Fabric”, Peter Zlonicky, University of Dortmund, Federal Republic of Germany

“Socio-Economic Context: Belfast: Hindsight on Foresight”, Frederic W. Boal, Professor of Planning, School of Geosciences, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

“Case Study Tel Aviv”, Adam Mazor, Architect, Director of the Institute of Urban Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Case Study Düsseldorf”, Joachim Siefert, Urban Planner, Department of Housing, City of Düsseldorf, Germany

“Case Study Dublin”, John Reid, Barrister-at-Law, Dublin, Ireland

“Case Study Madrid”, Enrique Calderon, Professor of Planning, University of Madrid, Spain

“Case Study Vienna”, Gerhard Schimak, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

“Case Study Ankara”, Baykan Günay, O.D.T.Ü, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Turkey

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