The Planning Process
May 6 – 9, 1966
32 participants from 10 countries (2 participants from outside Europe)

• “An Introduction to Alexander’s Analytical Approach to Urban Relationships”,
John L. Taylor, United Kingdom
• “Man and Manmade Environment”,
Hugo Potyka, Austria
• “An Analysis of Relations between Planning Culture and the Reality of the Post-war Reconstructive Needs in Italy”,
Cesare Macchi-Cassia, Italy
• “Metropolitan Government and Planning in Italian Law”,
Giancarlo Mangoli, Italy
• “Italian Urban System and Territorial Policies”,
Bernardo Secchi, Italy
• “Notes on the Growth Pattern of the Metropolitan Area of Naples”,
Luciana de Rosa, Luigi Pisciotti, Uberto Siola, Italy
• “Baden: Stadt und Region”,
METRON, Federal Republic of Germany / Swizerland
• “Notes upon the Use of Gaming-Simulation Techniques in Planning Education”,
John L. Taylor, United Kingdom
• “Land Value and City Planning Law in Italy”,
Giancarlo Mangoni, Italy