June 7 – 11, 1968
50 participants from 12 countries (3 participants from outside Europe)


  • “Striving Towards Democratic Consensus in City Planning Decisions”, Karl Otto. Schmid, Switzerland
  • “On conceptions of Population Density in Urban Planning”’ Gerd Althoefer and Uwe Wullkopf, Austria
  • “Planning Decision Making in Munich – Facts and Proposals”, Jankim Wallenborn, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “The Social Context of Urban Planning”, Maurice Broady, United Kingdom
  • “The Context of Urban Planning Decision Making in the Federal Republic of Germany”, Hans Jürgen Kron, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Twenty Years of New Towns in Britain: A Reassessment”, Lina Marsoni, Italy
  • “Participation in Planning: A Case Study of the Yugoslav Commune”, Tomo Stepe, Yugoslavia, and Ted Shoulberg, United States of America
  • “Some Recent European Development of Instructional Simulation Systems in the Study of Urban Planning”, Martin Geiger, Switzerland, Berry Lawson, Yugoslavia, Henning Schran, Federal Republic of Germany, John Taylor, United Kingdom
  • “Pragmatic Aspects of Planning in Poland”, Chris Brozek, Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Some Concluding Remarks by the Congress Moderator”, Jack Meltzer, United States of America