April 30 – May 3, 1993

50 participants from 17 countries (6 participants from outside Europe)


  • “Sustainable Urban Development”,
    Tjeerd Deelstra, Director of The International Institute for the Urban Environment, Delft, The Netherlands
  • “Effectiveness of Green Belts”,
    Stephen Walker, Martin Elson, Roddy MacDonald, School of Planning Oxford Brooks University, United Kingdom
  • “Green Belt Policies in the Frankfurt Region”,
    Peter Lieser, Director of Green Belt Policies, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development at the Local Level: Empowering Bulgarian Municipalities”,
    Belin Mollov, Head of Department, Ministry of Regional Development, Housing and Construction, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • “The Issue ‘Urban Growth versus Open Space’ Reflected in the Romanian Legislative Acts”,
    Stefan Grecianu, Romania
  • “Sociological Aspects of Transilvanian Medieval Cities Growth: Is there a sustainable solution for traffic and transport problems?”,
    Maria Mihat, Architect, Consultant, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
  • “Development of Middle-Size Towns in Romania: supporting elements for a sustainable development and a strategy for urban growth”,
    Gabriel Pascariu, ‘Urbanproiect – Ministry of Public Works and Physical Planning, Bucharest, Romania
  • “The Emscher Park: Ecological Redevelopment of an old industrial village in the Ruhr Area”,
    Peter Zlonicky, Professor of Urban Design University of Dortmund, former Scientific Director of the IBA Emscherpark, Arno Schmid, Professort of Landscape Planning, Scientific Director of the IBA Emscherpark, Leonberg, Germany
  • “Urban Growth and Transportation”,
    Peter Güller, Planning Consultant, Director of the Swiss National Research Program on ‘Cities and Transportation’, Switzerland
  • “Green Modes and Sustainable Development”,
    Norman Pressman, Professor of Planning, Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada, Founding President of the ‘Winter Cities’ Network.
  • “Sustainable Development – Sustainable Cities”,
    Richard Knight, United Kingdom
  • “Sustainable Urban Growth: A Third World Perspective from India”,
    Ajay Mehra, India
  • “Envisioning Calcutta’s Future”,
    Ramaswamy, India

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